On Monday 3rd July 2017, Tayside Islamic Centre will be hosting an auspicious event whom we all invite.

Organised by Nickel & Dime group, Mehfil-e-Milad Mustafa will start after Asr Congregational prayer at 7:15pm. There will be the Main Speech, Niqabat, Na’at Sharif (Poetry in praise of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ) and Tilawat (Recitation of the Holy Qur’an).

The main speech will be conducted by Hazrat Sahibzada Peer Syed Murtaza Amin Shah Sahib Naqvi Naqshbandi Mujadadi, followed by the Niqabat which will be conducted by Syed Ejaz Hussain and Shah Sahib Qazmi. Then, there will be Na’at Sharif recited by Alama Adeel Qasmi Sahib and Milad Madni Sahib, complete by Tilawat recited by Hafiz Muhammad Asghar Sahib.

After the completion of the event, food will be served. Thus, we request you to join us for food after the completion of the programme.

For more information please contact Mr. Raza Ahmed on 07973 333 727.